Submitting any film, prints, slides, negatives, or digital media to Fort Worth Camera for processing, scanning, printing, photo restoration, or other handling constitutes an AGREEMENT by you that any damage of loss by our company, subsidiary, or agents will not entitle you to any recovery, and no warrantee is entered into.

When photographs have the copyright symbol, it is your responsibility as the customer to obtain a release waiver signed by the photographer. This will allow you to have the photograph duplicated, restored, altered, copied, or scanned. By placing the order, you agree to release Fort Worth Camera and its employees and directors from any and all obligations associated with the duplication of the photographic work submitted.

This is an unlimited release of your copyrighted work or materials for the work procedures ordered from Fort Worth Camera under this agreement. You, in effect, grant full and absolute permission for Fort Worth Camera to reproduce the materials or take any other action deemed necessary to complete the required work assignment for you within a suitable time period. 

As the owner of the copyrighted work, you agree to permit Fort Worth Camera to duplicate it for you, and neither you nor anyone else will file any claims against Fort Worth Camera. You also guarantee and obligate yourself to confirm that you in fact hold the sole copyright to the materials submitted.

All cost related to the work submitted is to be paid by the customer sending the work to Fort Worth Camera. The customer and/or holder of the copyright are responsible for any and all legal disputes that may arise in relation to this copyright indemnification agreement.

Any infringement of this policy is a violation of federal copyright laws. By placing this order, you agree to the above terms and conditions and agree that you are the holder of the copyrighted work and grant full permission for Fort Worth Camera to duplicate this work for you.

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