Shoebox scans

Shoebox scans are designed for all of us who have boxes of treasured old photographs tucked away in a closet. Fort Worth Camera’s Kodak high-speed scanner will save those photos to a CD for permanent storage and ease of sharing with others.

Standard scans are 300 dpi for the original size of the photo and are written to a CD. Orientation and order of photos are not guaranteed.

  • Shoebox Scan (up to 800 images)
  • Duplicate CDs
  • Duplicate DVDs
  • Upgrade to USB
  • Duplicate USB
  • $139.99
  • $5.00 each
  • $12.00 each
  • $10.00
  • $10.00

Wire-Bound Index Books

Index books are available in the standard configuration of 20 images per page or in the premium configuration of 12 images per page.

  • Wire binding with flexible vinyl covers
  • Per page
  • Duplicate books at time of scanning
  • Per page plus binding
  • $6.00
  • $0.75 each page
  • $6.00 each
  • $0.50 each page

How to Prepare Your Order for Scanning

Remove all photographic prints from albums, sleeves, and/or envelopes. We can only accept loose photos and cannot accept negatives or slides. Photos in albums cannot be processed with our high-speed scanner. Sort your photos by size with the smallest on the top and the largest on the bottom, and orient photos so that images are “heads up.” Photos may range in size from wallet (2 ½″ × 3 ½″) to 8 ½″ × 11″. Photos that are mounted may or may not be run through the scanner. We will determine whether we can scan a mounted photo prior to performing the scan. Damaged photos are processed at your risk.

Make certain every photo is face up and heads up. Photos will be scanned in the direction received. We will make every effort to insure that your photos are oriented the same way if you order this option at an additional charge.

Only individual photos can be scanned. If there is any tape, glue, or other material that might impede the scanning, we cannot process the photo. If any photos are too thick or cannot be scanned for other reasons, we will package them separately for you with a notation that they were not scanned.

If you have photos with writing on the back, you may wish to have the writing scanned with the photo. In this case, organize all two-sided photos together and mark them as two sided. We will scan both sides, and the back will appear directly after the front.

No copyrighted photos can be reproduced. Please read the copyright information and limits of liability statements found on the order form. Please note that, due to the nature of high-speed scans, variances may occur between high-speed mass-quantity scans and individual scans in regards to color and/or contrast.

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