Bored with your walls? Be unusual. Be bold. Be unique. 
Change the mood and add a floor-to-ceiling impact with a gallery wall covered in uniquely designed frames and photographs.

Before putting holes in the wall, lay your images on the floor first. This will allow you to measure the space, play around with placement and conceptualize your design.

By starting with a large piece, you can anchor the whole wall together. Try putting the large frame off-center, so the eye travels around the entire gallery rather than to one point.

Having a nice mixture of vertical and horizontal frames keeps your gallery wall refreshed and interesting.

Use styles such as thin, thick, and ornate frames all in the same color. Or use the same frame style in muli-color.

Professional Framing is an ideal way to protect and display your favorite photographs, posters, memorabilia and artwork. It also allows you the versatility to coordinate with any interior decor. Our framing designers will help you select the perfect frame molding and mat combination that fits your style.